Sailing Gear Review: GooLoo GP37 Jump Starter

Some of us sailors sail because we like simplicity and disconnection from all of land's technology. But there's some technology that's just too useful and convenient to be left behind. The new wave of small, portable lithium ion jump starters are just such technology.

It wasn't all that long ago that I was carrying around one of those heavy (>20lbs) old school jump starters that's essentially like stocking an extra group 26 12-volt battery. The thing I love most about of the new lithium ion jump starters is their compact size and light weight. The Gooloo gp37 I recently tested weighs in at a svelte 1.1 pounds and is smaller than a masonry brick, so portability and stowage aren't a problem. What sets the GP37 apart is its' power. This little jump starter packs a peak advertised current of 600A, with a more realistic starting current of 300A. Those numbers are a bit lower than the old school heavyweight jumpers, but they're on the high end for the small lithium ion jumpers. In fact, GooLoo says the GP37 will start gas engines up to a 6.2L V8 or a 5.0L diesel. Of course that's dependent on other factors, but the bottomline is that the GP37 packs plenty of punch to jump a sailboat's little diesel or your dinghy's electric-start outboard. I did find one reputable YouTube video showing the GP37 jump starting a 4.0L gas Jeep with no 12 volt battery even installed, so you should be able to lend the GooLoo to powerboaters too if you run across any stranded with dead batteries and no sails to make it home!

While the primary safety function of a jump starter is getting your engine started when your batteries are dead, if you're like me, you'll use them even more often to recharge other portable electronics like laptops, iPads, phones, etc. With a capacity of 15000mAh, the GP37 was able to fully charge my iPhone 6 Plus from a completely drained battery to 100% over 4 times before the jump starter itself needed recharging, which takes 5 hours.

Along with the jumper starter itself and battery cables for jumping with built-in protection against incorrect hook ups, you'll also get a multifunction LED light built-in to the GP37, a wall charging cable, a cigarette plug charging cable, a set of 8 laptop charging adapters, and a 3-in-1 USB cable with cables for 10-pin Apple products, an Apple Lightning cable and a mini USB. Basically, there isn't an electronic device that I own that won't hook up to the Gooloo gp37.

So clearly there's a lot to like about this little GooLoo jump starter, but are there any negatives? Well, it doesn't appear to be weather or drop proof like the NOCO Genius Boost I reviewed earlier. The connections are fine, but they aren't rubberized and there is no IP65 water resistant rating, so be careful where you store this jumper onboard.

Overall this is powerful and compact jump starter that serves well as a charge for onboard portable electronics too. It's a no-brainer at about $69.

Want a GooLoo? Get yours here and help support SailFarLiveFree at no additional cost:


  1. Anonymous03 November

    I have one that I left in the car in arizona and it split open from the heat. I clamped it back together with super glue and it works but is is safe to keep?


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