First Look: Mantus Anchor Swivel

You may not need an anchor swivel between your chain and your anchor, but a quality swivel can help your anchor perform its job even better and store more easily. Shifting winds, changing tides, currents and swell can all make your anchor pivot, twist and turn in its set, potentially compromising the ability to hold firm. An anchor swivel minimizes the impacts of boat movement on the anchor set. It also allows the anchor to position itself in the right orientation when you bring it up to your anchor roller on the bow.

Typical anchor swivel design

John over at MorgansCloud actually swears against using swivels because the more traditional designs end up being a weak link when sideways torque is involved. One of the two screws can give way with heavy side loads or quick, jerking motions. Mantus recently introduced a new uniquely designed swivel that is stronger than the corresponding Grade 40 anchor chain, potentially making it the strongest link in your anchor/rode/shackle combo. But more importantly, the Mantus design also incorporates a large bow shackle for the connection between the swivel body and the anchor and largely eliminates the side loading associated with other swivels. The pin on the chain side of the swivel is oblong to further maximize strength and reliability.

Here's a look at my Mantus Swivel

And here's a look at how the Mantus Swivel functions:

I haven't had a chance to anchor with the new Mantus Swivel yet, but I'm eager to give it a try and see how it performs. Anyone else have experience with the Mantus Swivel or others?


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