Sailors, Lighten Up: Streamlight Waypoint LED Spotlight Review

It's no secret that LEDs are more efficient and longer last-lasting than incandescent light bulbs, making them a popular upgrade in cruising sailboat cabin light fixtures and nav/running lights on deck. But have you considered an LED for your spotlight? I hadn't until I came across the Waypoint LED spotlight from Streamlight.

Streamlight Waypoint LED Spotlight

The Waypoint comes in an alkaline battery powered model and a rechargeable lithium ion battery model. I recently tested the lithium ion model and was very pleased with the results. First, the build quality seems top-notch. There's a nice rubber bezel around the lens and very comfortable handle featuring the same rubber. The main body of the light is hard plastic (polycarbonate) and feels durable and substantial. Securing the spotlight to your wrist or other attachment is accomplished by using the lanyard at the bottom of the handle or two additional metal attachment points (rear of the light and top of the light). The charge chord input features a nice fitting gasketed cap. Overall, this feels like a light that will survive duty on a wet sailboat where water exposure and impacts may be frequent.

To see how the Waypoint spotlight performs, check out the short video I put together:

Here's the basics of the Streamlight Waypoint LED Spotlight:
  • C4 LED: 
    • High power: 80,000 candela peak beam intensity (300 lumens) and a claimed (not tested) 560 meter beam distance and 5 hour runtime
    • Lower power: 6,100 candela peak beam intensity (25 lumens) and 155 meter beam distance, 50 hour runtime
  • Strobe/Emergency signal with 35 hour runtime
  • Fully enclosed lithium ion battery w/ 4 hour full recharge
  • Trigger switch on handle can be locked on w/ full depression of switch
  • Waterproof to 2 meters (not tested)
  • Includes wrist lanyard, mountable storage holster, integrated & adjustable stand, charge chord
I haven't had a chance to see if the waterproof claims are for real, but for about $60, I think this spotlight makes a good addition to our cruising gear.

Ready to get your own? Get it here:


  1. We are in need of a good spotlight. Thanks for the helpful review! ~Jackie

    1. We needed one too and debated about hard-wiring one to the bow or getting a handheld. The handheld just offers so much more: portability for use on the dinghy/shore, easy for checking sails at night, doesn't drain house batteries, etc. We used the Waypoint again this week at home during the power outage from the wind storms and it was AWESOME.


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