The start of summer arrives (finally)

"My competition is with myself and the water planet. While sailing, you hang suspended with one hand in the ocean (tiller) and the other hand connected to the sky (mainsheet). You are the pivot point between these two great fluids, the two worlds, and you get to go along for the ride."
-Dennis Olson

I was reading through a list of favorite quotes that I keep tucked away on my harddrive and was struck by the words above. This particular sailing season has started incredibly slow for me for a variety of reasons and partly for no reason at all. I miss becoming the pivot point.

Sometimes life gets in the way of living. Our domestic (mowing the lawn, keeping groceries stocked, laundry, etc.) and career (emails, meetings, reports, etc.) happenings start to blur our passions. But some of us are lucky enough to have passions that come into focus through a career. Others are content to stay in a foggy blur for years and simply hang on to the hope of future clarity.

As for me, I just want to go sailing! Finally it look likes the weather and my schedule will cooperate for a nice small stretch of sailing. See you back at the dock when I return...


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