Picture This: Coming Home

Coming Home by K. Walters

I know my "Picture This" posts are intended as a purely visual, picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words experience, but sometimes I can't resist adding a bit of perspective, mostly for my own sake.

This picture shows a Farr 395 coming back to port in Muskegon after an evening sail. The Farr 395, the epitome of a racer/cruiser, is built by Carroll Marine and designed by Bruce Farr. She's based on the very racy one-design Farr 40, but features a few added creature comforts to keep a family crew happy. While I personally lean far to the cruiser side of the racer/cruiser continuum, I love the way the sun curves off the Mylar sails in this photo.


  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  2. Such majestic boat! Creature comforts? I do hope a pet could also sit comfortably sailing with the Farr :)


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