Picture This: Sailing Under the Mighty Mac

Sailing Under the Mighty Mac
(Mackinac Bridge - World's 3rd Longest Suspension Bridge)

Picture This Bonus: 
Video footage of s/v Island Bound sailing under the Mackinac Bridge


  1. looks like a great sail... but the mighty mac is actually the 3rd longest suspension bridge in the US, not the world... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_longest_suspension_bridge_spans

    Still a magnificent bridge though, and clearly a lovely day!

    1. Indeed, you are right! Thanks for the correction. Interestingly, your Wiki link points out that the Mac bridge has "The longest span between anchorages in the Western hemisphere." Also of note, all of the longer suspension bridges in the world were built many years after the Mac's birth date (1957) except the Golden Gate (1937). Amazing considering when they were built!

  2. love it! we have a similar video from our trip under the Mackinac Bridge. Very cool feeling. - Dana