Let There Be Light: SolLight (Davis Instruments) RailLight Review

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Light directly from something other than the sun is one of the many, many things that is easily taken for granted. I've been using a couple of solar powered LED lights from SolLight to provide some evening lighting our cockpit for most of the summer. I have to say, I'm impressed.

RailLight Premium from SolLight
While there are a lot of very cheap solar powered LED yard lights available at Walmart and other large retailers, RailLights from SolLight are a step above in quality and brightness and were purpose-built for use on a boat. I have both a RailLight Premium and a RailLight Mini. Both are a great addition to our cruising repertoire. The RailLight Premium comes with a 200 mA solar panel, LEDs providing 0.5 watts of brightness, 8 hours of light on a full charge, a waterproof pushbutton switch to control brightness level, and 304 stainless steel construction (no plastic!). It also comes standard with three mounting options: rail clamp, transom clamp, and wall mount. The RailLight Mini comes with 2 LEDs providing 0.3 watts of brightness, 304 ss construction, sealed rubber on/off switch, and a light sensor to automatically turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Both lights are wireless and do not require batteries. I particularly like that the brackets make both lights easily removable for quick storage or to use either as a handheld lantern.

RailLight Mini from SolLight
I can confidently recommend RailLights, whether it be for quiet times at anchor or socialization while at the dock. They're simple to install, function just as they should, and are built to last in the challenging marine environment.

Ready to get your own RailLight?  Get it here:



  1. I built my own several years ago by using plastic flashlight holders made to install lights on bicycle handlebars. These clamps are adjustable and rotate so they can be used on all rails, horizontal or vertical. Got a pack of 7 on ebay for about 10 box. used stainless yard lights. Cheap at about 4 box each. Still working two years later. WWWHUNTER37.com

  2. Amazon currently does not have the RailLights, and 2 user comments indicate poor quality blueish light that fades after about 3 hours. Sounds similar to yard light performance my neighbors have.


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