Long Point Cove to Turnbull Island

Long Point Cove to Turnbull Island

July 12, 2010

It was just a quick hop over to Turnbull Island from crowded Long Point Cove. Turnbull is our last island to visit on this trip to the North Channel, so we all have bitter-sweet feelings. The anchorage at Turnbull is big and protected by the many small island to the east. We picked a spot tucked into small corner, set the anchor and began to explore with our dinghy. We had been told by several other cruisers that there was at least one nesting pair of bald eagles in the small islands surrounding Turnbull, but we were unable to find the nest after about 2 hours of searching. Back at Island Bound we all went for a late afternoon swim and settled in for a quiet evening of family games. Erin and I woke at 5:00am the next morning to begin the long sail back to Drummond Island and the United States.


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