Halfway to spring in the Great Lakes?

I went over to check on our boat yesterday, making sure the cover was still secure and that all was well with the cradle. After my quick inspection, I took a walk to the Lake Michigan shoreline and out the north pier at Grand Haven.  As much as I despise the snow and cold, there are times when I find myself in awe of the Earth's beauty during the long Great Lakes' winters.  Walking down the pier had me feeling like I was in Neil Armstrong's shoes as I stepped and tripped over strange shaped ice boulders while wearing the spacesuit most of us in Michigan call winter attire.  Even with water temperatures barely above freezing and icebergs bobbing about, Lake Michigan still beckons my adventurous spirit.  My mind drifted as I imagined 19th century wooden schooners making lumber runs up and down the lake in weather just like this.

I thought I should post a few photos just so all of you sailors living in smaller latitudes than I don't take it for granted.



  1. Nice pics. I checked on Ariel today, but didn't venture out to the water. You might just inspire me to get out there to take some pictures. We'll have to see if the weather cooperates.

  2. By the way, if you haven't read it already, Alfred Lansing's Endurance is a good read. Talk about a cold, miserable experience. Remarkable story.

  3. Crazy! And Endurance was a great book.


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