A common theme

Now that the sailboat is out of the water and hibernating until spring, my mind has started to wander and wonder.  One of my passions is adventuring, which seems to have manifested itself in my life in the form of sailing and backpacking.  So I started to wonder, other than adventure, what the common theme is between sailing and backpacking. 

Erin & I approaching the
summit of Mt. Shasta

Both activities require and reward self-sufficiency.  Cruising many miles from land on a sailboat, you have nothing except the wind, the waves and that which you brought oboard.  So it is with backpacking in the wilderness.  All you have is the trails, the trees and that which you have in your pack.

Good offshore, bluewater sailors know that they must be competent in many skills.  On a long passage you need to be your own mechanic, navigator, doctor, chef and any number of other professions.  Again, when you're on a long wilderness trek far from roads and civilization you have no one to rely on except yourself.

There's something special to me about self-sufficiency.  I like the idea of being able to survive off the land (food, water, shelter) and go as far as my own feet will take me.  I also cherish the dreams I have about the wind carrying me to far away places and my sailboat serving as home.  Self-sufficiency is simple and complex at the same time.  The contrast between the two is what I find so fullfilling.


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