Cabin Fever

This post is all about the cabin of our Helms 25. Just like the rest of the boat, the interior needs a lot of work. I wish I had taken picture of the cabin on the day we brought her home. I'm sure the parental controls on many of your computers would have kept you from seeing the pictures...that's how dirty she was!
But now the interior has a had a thorough bath of bleach and Comet, along with two coats of paint on most surfaces. The ceiling and the floor still need to be painted. However, I'm still working on sealing the ceiling (tongue twister!) and will in all likelyhood use something like DriDeck flooring in the cabin sole.

Most interior teak has also had one coat of MinWax Tung Oil applied. At least one more coat will be added before winter. I also need to build a dinnette table that will convert to a bed for one of the girls, resurface the cushions (Erin's goal for the winter!), and add a few things like a handheld-VHF holder, oil lamps, etc.
The idea is to keep everything simple: Lighting will come from oil lanterns. cooking power will come from a portable propane burner and a portable propane grill. "Refrigeration" will come from ice and a portable cooler. I'll update the site as the cabin begins to come together. For now, I just wanted to provide a point of reference for the future.

Here's the cabin as it looks today:
Cabin looking forward
Cabin looking forward to starboard
Cabin looking aft to starboard
Cabin looking aft to port


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