Getting a Sailing Fix

This past week I had the very fortunate opportunity to be staying in Horton Bay on Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan. For those that don't know, northern Michigan is a boater's paradise with hundreds of beautiful inland lakes, plenty of wilderness, several quaint and/or touristy towns, and of course access to the Great Lakes.

I consider Lake Charlevoix (say "Sharla-voy") to be the prized jewel of all northern Michigan inland lakes. The lake has a surface area of 17,200 acres and 56 miles of gorgeous shorline. The outflow of Lake Charlevoix is the small but very picturesque Round Lake, which then flows into Lake Michigan. The water is always turqouise green and crystal clear. The winds are fair and the sailing is delightful.
While staying at my in-laws cottage in Horton Bay (Ernest Hemmingway's stomping ground in his early years!), I was able to sail Lake Charlevoix on a Laser. If you haven't sailed a Laser, you owe it to yourself to try one out. The rails are almost constantly wet and the boat is very connected to helmsman's desires. She's fast and agile, all while being wet and wild.

My week on Lake Charlevoix helped to re-charge my battery for continued restoration of our Helms 25. While sitting on the beach in Horton Bay, I imagined a glistening Helms 25 gently rocking to the rhythm of the lake as she lay tied to the mooring bouy.


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