All Hands on Deck!

This blog post is a general update regarding the condition of the deck. I'm slowly starting to make some progress on repairing, sealing and re-equipping the deck and its' associated hardware.

As I've written about in previous posts, several of the stanchions and chainplates have already been re-bedded. I've also painted and added new weatherstripping to the hatches.

Last night I removed the rotted and/or broken teak handrails. After removal, I placed a piece of tape over the hole in the interior cabin ceiling. Then I filled the holes on the exterior with epoxy putty. The tape kept the putty from pushing out through the bottom of the holes. When the putty cures completely, I'll then fill the holes from inside the cabin to seal them for winter. Hopefully I'll get my hands on some new 7-loop handrails to install next spring.

Other remaining deck tasks:
a) replace the mast step plate
b) re-bed and/or remove cleats
c) replace rotted companionway hatch slides
d) paint the deck and non-skid

After all of the above is done, all we'll have left to do is finish the cockpit, cabin, hull and standing/running rigging. Phewww....I'm tired just writing about it!


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