Picture This

Picture This is our weekly sailing photography series that is meant to capture the beauty and spirit of sailing in pictures. Love our Picture This posts and page? Then follow @SailFarLiveFree on Instagram to get a megadose of our photos! Or you can check out our Instagram gallery by clicking the round camera icon on the right side of this website.

Winning Back Memories


The Best Navigators

Big Skies and Smooth Seas

Haulout Blues

Autumn Rolling In

Dear Ocean

A Cruiser's Neighborhood


Getting to the Point

Chart Art

Purple Haze

Hangin' Out in Pentwater

Blue Horizons

The Sail Before the Storm

A Good Boat Starts with a Good Crew

A Painted Sky

Keeping Watch of the Harbor


Bow Spray

Deck work ALWAYS beats desk work!

Straight Ahead

Halfway to Spring

Moving Sideways

The Words of SailFarLiveFree

Winter Solstice

Tumblehome Perfection


An Opening to the Horizon

A Nap on the Beach

Burning Sundown

The Arrival of Fall Storms

Ships Safe in the Harbor

Life on the Hook

A Light at the End of the Dock

Coming Home

A Splash of Color

Noticing the Details

Fishin' and Sailin'

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

From Under My Lone Palm

Teach a Girl to Fish...

Sailing Under the Mighty Mac

Life at Sea

Perfect Poetry

The Tug of the Sea

A White Sand Beach

Above the Palms

Storm Warning

Walking into the Sun

Running Colors

Clouds on the Water

Changing Directions

Gaining Leverage

Haul-Out Stout

Sailing the Lunar Seas

Adding Color to Life

Shells on the Beach

Sailing Far and Living Free in 2012

Laundry Day on a Cruising Sailboat

A Wave's Canvas

A Planet Called Ocean

Heron Starin'

Ketching a Sunset

The Life Aquatic

A Door County Cruise

Dreaming Big


Keel Walking

The Sun Always Shines After the Rain

A Mid-Summer Mini-Cruise

Nature's Playground

Anchoring Under a Rainbow

The Perfect Window to the World

Beam Reaching Towards the Sun

Sisters on the Bow

Looking Back from a Lonely Shore